so.. what is this and where is it from o_o i know it’s slowed down but i’m fairly sure that’s key and jjongs voices.. the title was “SHINee sounding drunk”



pissing myself



Shitted myself.


❝You can not appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shining lights.❞ Onew

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Life’s a game but it’s not fair, I break the rules so I don’t care
So I keep doing my own thing, walking tall against the rain

[NEWS] SM Entertainment Reveals SHINee’s Onew Recently Underwent Throat Surgery, Currently Recovering


SM Entertainment has announced to the local media that SHINee member Onew recently underwent surgery for removal of vocal polyps and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction on June 3 and is currently recovering. He was released from the hospital and is resting at home. SM Entertainment elaborated,…

OnTae Facts and Moments (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

  • Onew and Taemin’s hobby is to hold hands, hug and whisper into each others ears.

  • Taemin often put his hand on Onew’s tigh. He said it eases up his tension.
  • Onew prepares roasted meat and irons Taemin’s school uniform everyday when he was studying.

  • Onew often crawl on Taemin’s bed and scare him.

  • Onew and Taemin still remember each other’s clothes and hairstyle when they first met.

  • Onew and Taemin said that their most unforgettable memory together are their practices at the rooftop during trainee days because it was Onew and Taemin’s first meeting and they said it must have been fate that they eventually come together as SHINee.

  • Taemin chooses to practice by Onew’s side because Onew’s voice encourage him to improve.

  • They are biggest sleepers in the group and most of the times, sleep together.

  • A fan once shouted at an airport, “Onew oppa!! May I have Taemin?!” Onew giggled at the fan’s claim and said “No! No! No! No!”

  • Onew loves to throw Taemin into bed and Taemin doesn’t complain because he likes it too.

  • There was a time when Taemin came home early morning in the dormitory and found Onew sleeping and he said that it made his heart flutter because Onew was really handsome. Onew then smiled because he was flattered.

  • Onew and Taemin are the closest in the group. They were close friends since trainee days.

  • Taemin prepared a sandwhich for noona, when Onew found out about this he pouted and said, “You should’ve fed that to me, I was hungry! Ahh I’m so jealous of noona.”

  • When he was on his vacation at Switzerland, Taemin specifically addressed a message to Onew thanking him for all he has done for him.

  • Taemin said Onew makes him laugh the most.
  • Onew said at a fan meet that he would date Taemin if he was a girl because he is close to his ideal type and his athletic skills are

  • Onew said the person he admire most on stage is Taemin.
  • Onew said he desperately defend/fight for the sit next to Taemin. But it’s not like its a reserved sit for him.

  • Taemin said, “Onew hyung and I are a good match.”

  • At the ending of SWC3 in Shanghai, Taemin noticed that Onew was somewhat isolated and quiet so he hugged him then Onew hugged back and whispered something to Taemin’s ear that made him smile.

  • Onew: You are mine.
    Taemin: I only have you, Onew hyung.

  • Onew said, “Taemin is my soulmate.”